Liability Disclaimer & Data Privacy Statement

  • By using the Stylebox application the user agrees that the icon created by them will be uploaded to a server, automatically processed and then provided to the user for download. Thereby smaget guarantees the user that such icon will be exclusively accessible to this particular user.
  • The user is deemed responsible for ensuring that the created icon does not contain any illegal or copyright protected images, logos or symbols.
  • Should the user notwithstanding the aforesaid use any illegal or copyright protected data then smaget dissociate themselves from such use and reserves the right to initiate legal actions against such use.
  • All content provided in the Stylebox is copyright protected and licensed. This content is provided to the user solely for private use. Any commercial or public use is deemed forbidden as long as the user has not obtained corresponding written consent thereto.
  • smadget assumes no liability for content published by the user using the Sharing function of the Stylebox application.
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